Kristi Rene


Art is the warm sensitive route to truth, midway between the heat of emotion and the coldness of intellect. I believe that there are places where man cannot compete with nature; except, perhaps, in an ultimate individual abstraction. My paintings are silent wings that let me fly, transmit life with canvas and color never forgetting the source from which all beauty and wonder come. My work explores the inner dialogue between the human and spiritual. Each painting a separate universe that a person

can live in and gain their own distinctive value from.”


Kristi Rene is a self-taught artist who resides in the Napa Valley. In her

younger years she immersed herself in a structured life as a Dentist.

In 1989, she experienced a devastating automobile accident that forced the loss of that profession. In the aftermath of that tragedy, a profound spiritual transformation evolved. This life-changing event forged a path of serious painting and sculpting. Rene has been exhibited extensively in both group and solo exhibitions. She has established patrons internationally and has received many awards and honors. She has been accepted twice into the oldest and most prestigious, juried, State of California–run art show, the California Works, at the California State Fair. Here, at the State level, Rene received the coveted Award of Excellence in Painting. Internationally, Rene has been in numerous shows in London, Tuscany, Bologna,Tel Aviv, and Paris. Most recently at the 2012 Chianciano International Art Awards, “Art of the Mind” held at the Museum of Chianciano in Tuscany, Rene won First Prize for her artwok in the   European Confederation of Art Critics Awards. Recently, she has been recommended by the  Napa Valley icon, Margrit Mondavi of the world renowned Mondavi Winery, as one of four artists to watch in the Napa Valley. Rene’s work explores the inner dialogue between the human and spiritual. Her work as been published in the National juried  book American Art Collector 2011 and 2012 editions. Currently her art is exhibited at the Gagliardi Gallery in London and her art Villa , Villa Spankadellik, in the Napa Valley.